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TDWI Executive Program: Data Literacy

Invitation-only Virtual Event for Data and Analytics Executives

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An exclusive virtual gathering of experienced professionals, industry thought leaders, and top solution providers.

The data-literate workforce has emerged as a critical success factor for organizations looking to drive competitive advantage through data. Skills once limited to data management professionals must now be cultivated across all areas of the organization to ensure success. However, most businesses are struggling with how to develop this crucial capability.

This event for data leaders provides expert guidance and best practices for establishing a data literacy program for your business.

What To Expect

All attendees of the TDWI Executive Program for Data Literacy will take the TDWI Data Literacy Assessment prior to the event, receive their personalized results, and be provided with the Data Literacy Maturity Model Assessment Guide. At the live event, expert speakers from TDWI research and the TDWI faculty will explain how to act on this information.

Keynote speakers from the TDWI Research team will brief attendees on the dimensions of the TDWI Data Literacy Maturity Model, share aggregate assessment results, and provide detailed advice on how to interpret your own scores. Expert practitioners from the TDWI faculty will provide best practices you can use to design and execute a data literacy strategy that is tailored to your business’s unique position. Case study speakers will provide on-the-ground insights, sharing the experiences and lessons learned from their own data literacy programs.

Why Join Us?

  • Data Literacy Assessment Guide and your business’s specific results
  • Real-world advice from the creators of the assessment and expert practitioners
  • Direct access to quantitative research and analysis from TDWI
  • Expert sessions led by experienced practitioners from the TDWI faculty
  • Networking opportunities with other data leaders like you
  • Spotlight talks by product leaders of innovative solutions

Complimentary for Qualified Attendees

The full participation package will only be available to qualified business and IT decision makers.

To qualify for complimentary attendance, you must:

  • Meet job title requirements listed below
  • Complete the Data Literacy Assessment prior to the event

Qualifying job titles include:

  • CIOs, VPs, and directors of IT
  • BI/analytics/data science directors and senior managers
  • Business executives and senior managers
  • Architecture directors and senior managers
  • Data warehouse or analytics directors and senior managers
  • Senior business analysts, heads of data engineering, and data governance managers

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