The technologies, techniques, and algorithms for analyzing all kinds of data to derive insights and take action for better decision making and enterprise success.

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  • TDWI Data Science Bootcamp

    Get in-demand skills for the hottest job in analytics: Data Scientist. A 4-module intensive course covers everything from sourcing and prepping data to communicating business insights. more

Research & Resources

  • 2018 Next-Generation Data Deployment Strategies Report Oracle WP cover

    Data enables many types of business opportunities unimaginable even a few years ago—from predictive analytics to artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things. There are a variety of tools, platforms, and frameworks now available to enterprises to better manage their data. more

  • The Data-Driven Enterprise Done Right snowflake white paper cover image

    This guide contains the information you’ll need to understand and succeed with modern cloud data warehousing. more

  • Harvard Business Review: The Risks and Rewards of AI white paper cover

    Exploring the rise of artificial intelligence, Harvard Business Review has published a collection of articles assessing the opportunities and pitfalls that could evolve. more

  • Delivering Analytics-as-a-Service Yellowbrick paper

    A guide to picking the right data warehouse infrastructure for analytics service providers more

  • Sisense Versus Alternatives: Comparing Embedded Analytics Solutions white paper cover

    Armed with the knowledge of what each embedded solution can do for your product, you will be able to make the best decision for your business. more

  • Consuming Data Productively Alation WP

    Download this white paper to learn the beneficial features of a well-implemented data catalog. more

  • Success in Customer-Facing Business Intelligence white paper cover

    Learn how to improve the customer experience, retention and acquisition rates, and the bottom line. more

  • The Machine Learning Primer SAS machine learning white paper cover image

    With all of the attention on machine learning, many are seeking a better understanding of this hot topic and the benefits that it could provide to their organizations. Machine learning—as well as deep learning, natural language processing, and cognitive computing—are driving innovations in identifying images, personalizing customer experiences, navigating self-driving cars, and much more. more

  • How Do Recommendation Systems Know What You Might Like? SAS recommendation engine white paper cover image

    If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, Pandora, or Netflix, you’ve experienced recommendation systems in action. Learn how these sophisticated systems analyze historical buying behavior and make recommendations in real time, while you’re shopping. more

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence In a Brave New World SAS machine learning white paper cover image

    Machine learning in the last few decades has given way to an AI revolution. As the amount of data produced continues to scale, use of algorithms enables faster computational understanding to create new opportunities for innovation. From self-driving cars to virtual assistants, the possibilities for these developing technologies are endless. more

  • AI Momentum, Maturity & Models for Success SAS artifical intelligence white paper cover image

    For quite some time, AI has had an allure for improving processes, raising productivity and making both top- and bottom-line impacts on organizations. Advances in data and analytics have enabled early adopters of AI globally across industries to grow beyond experiments and quick hits and provide examples for paths to success with AI. more


  • Cloud Data Management

    Keeping data in the cloud offers massive capacity at low cost but raises many common data management issues, including administration, integration, and security. We’ll examine the drivers, trends, benefits, barriers, platforms, tools, and key business use cases for cloud data management. more

  • How to Modernize Data Lake Technologies with Cloud-Based Solutions

    What are data lakes and what can they do for your organization? We’ll look at real-world use cases in data warehousing, analytics, self-service data practices, and operations, the benefits of hosting them on cloud platforms, and where data lakes are heading. more

  • Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization

    Is it time to reassess your current business processes and future demands to liberate your legacy data warehouse? Learn key modernization steps as you explore data discovery, data catalogs, self-service data access, and other key cloud DW features that let you deliver trusted, quality data. more

  • Embedded Analytics: Unleashing Insights Everywhere

    Embedded analytics brings the results of analysis to more decision makers quickly, resulting in smarter decisions faster. No wonder it’s a top strategy for 2019. Learn what embedded analytics is, how it makes such a big impact, how it’s used in applications, and the move toward analytics automation. more

  • Modern Data Analytics in the Cloud: Achieving an End-to-End Strategy

    Learn how your organization can create an end-to-end strategy that aligns analytics in the cloud with data management. We’ll discuss key issues in supporting today’s analytics workloads, including cloud data warehousing, data preparation and transformation, and visual data interactivity. more

  • Cloud Data Lakes: Enabling New Business Analytics at High Scale and Low Cost

    This webinar will discuss the business benefits of data lakes, the benefits of deploying a data lake in the cloud (and how use cases and technology requirements affect your platform choice), and why substantial data integration is necessary. more

  • How to Use Data Prep to Accelerate Cloud Data Lake Adoption

    Learn how you can address data prep challenges as you move to the cloud for data management and how you can turn raw, cloud-based source data into output suited for analytics and ML. Explore the tech trends shaping data prep for cloud data lakes and data warehouses. more

  • Cloud Data Warehouses: Are They Right for Your Organization?

    Is the cloud right for your organization? Learn about the state of on-premises versus cloud data warehousing and analytics, use cases for each, and the challenges and best practices for moving to the cloud. A demonstration of a cloud-based data warehouse and analytics solution will also be offered. more

  • Cloud Data Warehouses: Are They Right for Your Organization?

    Is the cloud right for your organization? Learn about the state of on-premises versus cloud data warehousing and analytics, use cases for each, and the challenges and best practices for moving to the cloud. A demonstration of a cloud-based data warehouse and analytics solution will also be offered. more

  • Six Steps for Generating Business Value from Operational IoT Data

    Learn how to accelerate your organization’s ability to realize business value from operational IoT data, plus best practices for reducing data prep, eliminating data latency, and making operational IoT data actionable. We’ll offer tips for balancing data governance, security, and accessibility. more

  • Six Best Practices to Ignite the Customer Experience with IoT

    Learn how to deliver targeted, effective customer experiences and become more customer-centric by processing data from IoT devices and applications. We'll explore using advanced analytics and AI to derive predictive and prescriptive insights that differentiate your customer experience. more


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      April 28-May 3, 2019
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      Join us for our second conference of the year in the Second City, TDWI Chicago, to discuss the latest developments in enterprise analytics, data strategy, and business intelligence. Dive into industry best practices with world-renowned speakers and get in-depth training in all things data.

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      April 29-30, 2019
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      The TDWI Chicago Strategy Summit for Data Management offers leaders, Chief Data Officers, directors, and executives the chance to discuss strategies for managing big data and data management programs. Learn what’s new and what’s next for data, attend a workshop, and plan your data strategy for the year with seasoned professionals at this two-day event.