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BI This Week

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Governance: Survey Reveals Best Practices Lagging in Most Enterprises

Results from TDWI’s latest Best Practices Report show governance practices still fall short of best practices.

The Changing Role of (Shadow) IT in BI

IT can no longer expect to justify projects on the basis of their value to its own performance or operations. Instead, projects and spending initiatives must be yoked to business priorities.

Textual Data Marches On: Anticipating and Preventing Lawsuits

Natural language processing has its limits in text analytics.

Data Digest: Real-Time Streaming Analytics, Big Data's Unheard-of Influence, and Mis-en-Place Data Prep

Event streaming processing and real-time data analytics, the unsung impacts of big data, plus learning data prep from a French restaurant.

Data Digest: Getting Started with IoT, and Best Responses to Data Breaches

Get started mastering data from the Internet of Things, plus what you should do in the first 24 hours of a data breach.

Data Digest: Don't Move Your Data, Data Centers in the Cloud, and Optimized Data Storage

Articles in this round-up focus on keeping your data right where it is, what makes the best data center in the cloud, and 7 storage features you should know.

Who, Exactly, Is the BI User?

BI use cases and BI user constituencies have changed radically in just the last few years. Is that why BI adoption seems to be stuck?

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