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TDWI Data Management Assessment

Data Management Maturity Model

1 Take the Assessment

Data management is critical for the success of expanding BI and analytics programs. That’s why TDWI created the Data Management Maturity Model and Assessment—to help organizations understand the maturity of their data management efforts and determine what steps they must take to improve and expand their data management work.

Questions are organized in five dimensions—namely organization, resources, architecture, data life cycle, and governance—that gauge the effectiveness of your organization. We ask that you provide an honest appraisal of your progress to ensure that you receive accurate results.

The assessment is a thorough review of where your organization currently stands. Your responses will help you determine the maturity of your data management initiatives.

The assessment tool and its questions are designed for people involved in leading and implementing data management and data strategy. If you are a consultant, please answer the questions with your most recent client in mind.

2 Learn How to Improve

TDWI Data Management Maturity Model Assessment Guide

The TDWI Data Management Maturity Model Assessment Guide provides an explanation of the Maturity Model, including the phases of maturity in data management. It will also help you interpret your scores and provide recommendations for how to move forward.

You may find it helpful to read this guide before taking the assessment so you are prepared to interpret the scores displayed at the end of the questionnaire; however, the guide and the tool can each be used independently, so you can work with them in either order.