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speaking of data


TDWI is proud to present Speaking of Data, the premier data and analytics podcast for businesses and practitioners.

Weekly episodes will feature TDWI analysts, instructors, tech thought leaders, and members of our community that are in the trenches doing the work every day.

Tune into Speaking of Data for highlights of the fantastic work done by the TDWI Research Analysts, Faculty, and partners that deliver information, insights, and tangible advice around the latest topics, trends, and events in the data management and analytics industry.

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Speaking of Data

The State of Data Quality with Fern Halper

February 20, 2024

Fern Halper, Ph.D., vice president and senior research director for advanced analytics at TDWI, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss the current state of data quality - including an opportunity to participate in this research by completing the Data Quality Maturity Model Assessment. Please visit "State of" Reports to explore our previous reports further.

Duration: 19 minutes 17 seconds

Speaking of Data

Empowering Data Democratization with David Stodder

February 12, 2024

David Stodder, senior research director for business intelligence with TDWI, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss empowering data democratization by modernizing data governance and management practices. Please visit Data Governance Bootcamp to learn more and stay up-to-date with all of our upcoming events at TDWI Events Calendar.

Duration: 24 minutes 31 seconds

Speaking of Data

Dashboards and Visualization Practices with Ryan Wade

February 6, 2024

Ryan Wade, Cloud Solution Architect with Diesel Analytics, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss dashboards and visualization practices with Power BI. Please visit Dashboards and Visualizations Hands-on Lab to learn more about Ryan's course and find the full agenda at TDWI Transform 2024 Las Vegas.

Duration: 22 minutes 53 seconds

Speaking of Data

Pillars of AI Governance with Fern Halper

January 29, 2024

Fern Halper, Ph.D., vice president and senior research director for advanced analytics at TDWI, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss the six pillars of artificial intelligence data governance - including important components for governance, measuring bias and safety, and organizational buy-in. Please visit TDWI upcoming events to learn more about our Transform 2024 conferences.

Duration: 23 minutes 46 seconds

Speaking of Data

Data Management for Next Generation AI with James Kobielus

January 22, 2024

James Kobielus, senior research director for data management at TDWI, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss data management practices for next generation artificial intelligence - including what is "next generation" AI and steps for success. Please visit TDWI Modern Data Leader's Summit for more information about Jim's talk and to view the full agenda.

Duration: 31 minutes 36 seconds

Speaking of Data

Evolution of Data Governance with Eric Falthzik

January 16, 2024

Eric Falthzik, strategy principal director with Accenture, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss the evolution of data governance - including the role of data stewards, governing new implementations, and the involvement of generative AI. For more information on Eric's session and to view the full agenda please visit Modern Data Leader's Summit.

Duration: 20 minutes 49 seconds

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