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Data Modeling Essentials

Virtual Classroom
December 9–11, 2024
9:00am – 5:00pm CT

Mark Peco

Mark Peco

Analytics Consultant and Instructor

Over three days of in-depth, interactive training, dive deep into data modeling essentials during this virtual seminar.

The modeling landscape is rapidly evolving as demands for data increase at all levels of the enterprise and data management technology evolves to support new development processes. While many things have changed, the practice of data modeling continues to play an important role in helping organizations provide context and a coherent structure to their data.

Starting with developing a clear framework for understanding data management in the service of BI, analytics, and self-service, this seminar will cover the foundations of data modeling and advanced techniques for tackling complex challenges including scalability, adaptability, performance, legacy, and new paradigms driven by the evolution of NoSQL technologies.

Join us and dive into the essential techniques and best practices for data modeling over three days of in-depth, interactive training.

Attend all three days and earn a certificate.

  • Monday, December 9

    BI and analytics systems challenge the proven data modeling techniques of the past. The expanding scope of data management technologies, consumption demands, and data science processes require updated modeling skills. The data modeler’s toolbox must address relational data, NoSQL data, dimensional data, and master data. Modeling processes must include both top-down requirements-driven and bottom-up discovery methods. For those with data modeling experience, this course extends their skills to meet today’s modeling challenges. Those new to data modeling are introduced to the broad range of modeling skills needed for BI and data warehousing systems. Those who need to understand data models, but not necessarily to develop them, will learn about the various forms of models and what they are intended to communicate.

  • Tuesday, December 10

    Whether you are a business data modeler who represents data requirements as entities and relationships or a physical data modeler more concerned with tables, columns, and indexes, you know that the hard stuff lies beneath the surface. Every data design, whether logical or technical, is challenged by one or more complex considerations—scalability, adaptability, performance, legacy and package databases, and more. Every data model raises questions. Advanced modeling techniques provide many of the answers. This course explores different situations facing data modeling practitioners and provides information and techniques to help them develop the appropriate data models.

  • Wednesday, December 11

    The big data phenomenon expands the purpose and changes the role of data modeling. The level of uncertainty about data modeling in today’s data ecosystems is high. Most practitioners have more questions than answers. Has data modeling become obsolete? Does unstructured data make modeling impractical? Does NoSQL imply no data modeling? What are the implications of schema on read versus schema on write for data modelers? Do entity-relationship and star-schema data models still matter?

    Data modeling is still an important process—perhaps more important than ever before. But data modeling's purpose and processes must change to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of data. This course examines the principles, practices, and techniques that are needed for effective modeling in the age of big data.


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Data Modeling Essentials

December 9–11, 2024