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Maturity Models and Assessments

  • Data Management Maturity Model 

    NEW! 2022 Data Management Maturity Model

    TDWI created the Data Management Maturity Model and Assessment to help organizations understand how their data management efforts compare to those of their peers and determine what steps they must take to improve and expand their data management work.

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  • 2022 Analytics Maturity Model Assessment

    NEW! 2022 Analytics Maturity Model Assessment

    TDWI has updated the Analytics Maturity Model and Assessment for 2022 to help organizations better understand how their analytics deployments compare to those of their peers and provide current, best-in-class insight and support.

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  • TDWI Data Strategy Assessment

    TDWI Data Strategy Assessment

    TDWI’s Data Strategy Assessment provides a framework to identify the various strengths and challenges that an organization has across the various disciplines of data management.

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  • TDWI Cloud Data Warehouse Readiness Assessment

    TDWI has developed an online assessment that helps respondents understand how prepared their organizations are to move to a cloud data warehouse and support analytics.

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